Jamming Music For Any Occasion !

 The Jammin G’s is south Florida’s hottest and most versatile band! Their broad range of eclectic musical styles range from contemporary Top40, Oldies, Motown, Rock, instrumental standards to the soothing warm tropical caribbean sounds of Reggae, Calypso, Mento, and Juke. The bands exciting and dynamic performances and versatile songlist caters well to any formal gathering; wedding, cooperate, and evan casual events requiring entertainment that elevates the mind, ignites passion and motivates patrons, family and friends to the dance floor and beyond.  

             The band is made up of well seasoned and experienced musicians that have worked, travelled and recorded around the globe and south Florida for decades. The core individual musicians that make up the Jammin G’s are from Jamaica, Haiti, Antigua and Venezuela. The collective combined experience of the core members and their cultural diversity is equivalent to a musical experience like none other. Their highly spirited, joyful and infectious grooves, rhythms and harmonies make this band stand out and above the many. The group and its members are consistently reliable and have been together for some considerable time ( two of the members have known each other since childhood ). On a positive note they also happen to be very approachable, helpful and accommodating for many of the situations that can be encountered when planning and producing that epic moment.  

                              P.s…… With advanced notice we can also provide solo entertainment ; single lead vocal, piano, guitar, or evan steel drums for those times when appropriate. We can also make the band bigger with a female singer or singers and extra musicians upon request.

Contact us today with any questions and comments, and let us make your special event,,,,,extra special! 😊

The Players


Jean Pherry Hilaire ( JPH ) - Lead Guitar, Lead Vocal

Jean ( pronounced John ) Hilaire  is the lead guitarist, and singer for the Jammin G's. His guitar playing is deeply inspired by hero's Carlos Santana and Jimi Hendrix and players from his native land Haiti. Born in the city of Cap Haitian, Jean immigrated to the U.S. in the earley 90's. Jean's love and passion for the art's through out his life has lead him into many ventures outside of music. His successful company JPH Productions is a full blown facility, responsible for many of the music videos, cds, tv commercial's, graphic designs and movie productions produced here in southwest Florida. He is the cameraman and producer of the local television show Lee Pitts and is currently working on a new show that he created, caribbean ways which will air soon on local station wbbh. 

Jamaican Dave - Keyboard, Lead Vocal

Jamaican Dave the bands keyboardist hails from Montego Bay Jamaica. The multi instrumentalist Jamaican Dave is a highly acclaimed  keyboardist and also sings lead for the Jammin G's. He can also be seen playing steel drums occasionally around the SW Florida area. Dave is the musical maestro of The Jammin G's and began his musical journey many years ago as a child growing up in church. During their adolescent years in Dave and Danny ( the drummer ) worked in many situations together while in Jamaica, playing on cruise ships and hotels before finally immigrating to the U.S. officially. His journey in the U.S. began in Miami before finally settling down in the Ft Myers area. His vast knowledge on synthesizer programming, skills on piano, music theory, along with his engaging, witty, personality has made him a very sought after and well respected musician.

Danny Boy ( Smiley ) - Drums, Percussion

Danny Boy who is often known by his nickname Smiley is well known for his affectionate smile, charming, gregarious personality and passionate fierce drumming style. Danny Boy was born in Jamaica and grew up alongside Jamaican Dave the keyboardist. His musical experience started in church where his Dad was a pastor. He learned to play drums naturally on his own during his early childhood years in church. It was during this period of time he eventually met Jamaican Dave the keyboardist and the two have been almost inseperable since. Danny Boy like Jamaican Dave, immigrated to the U.S. in 1996, settling on Florida's east coast before making the move to SW Florida. He is the dynamic core and thrust of The Jammin G's, driving the sound of the band with a smooth drumming style mixed with fierce, fiery, explosive hits on his kit. He has his own following on Ft Myers Bch ( where the band frequently works ) where people are typically fascinated and delighted just to watch him play!

Ricky - Bass Guitar, Vocals

Ricardo Lampkin ( aka ) Ricky started his musical career in N.Y.C before moving to Florida in 1987. He is the bass player and back up singer for the Jammin G's. Originally from Venezuela born to west indian parents from Trinidad and Tobago he immagrated to the U.S. at an early age. Growing up in N.Y. he was constantly surrounded by the sounds of Reggae, Soca, Calypso at home and American music. When he's not playing with the band he can often be found at Kinderland Place Ft Myers during the week, his family's preschool.